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Access Control Systems

For 25 years we have been at the forefront of ATM Lobby Access Control.

Recognizing industry trends, we continually update our solutions to stay one step ahead. We develop the technology you will need today and tomorrow. ATM lobbies and vestibules are available 24-hours, providing comfort and convenience. Protect your valuable infrastructure and your customers, with Parabit’s turn-key solution for every aspect of your ATM Lobby Access Control.

ACS-1EUL controllers

5 of the World’s Top 10 Banks | 23 of the Nation's Top FIs
Parabit readers and ACS-1EUL control panels authenticate entry to self-service banking lobbies and rooms through validation of an approved financial card data structure.

Access can be limited to a specific institution or granted to all qualifying visitors. Various levels of data capture and encryption are available, while programming, audit trails and various reporting functions can be performed for stand-alone branches or enterprise deployments.

Advanced features, tools and analytics work together to secure and monitor facilities, enhance customer experience and leverage customer analytics. The ACS-1EUL solution is ETL listed and compliant with UL-294 and ULC S319 regulations.

ACS-1EUL Controler


Multi Media Reader

•    Track 2 Mag Stripe
•    Contactless EMV
•    Mobile NFC

•    Track 2 Mag Stripe
•    Contactless EMV
•    Mobile NFC
•    Bluetooth® Beacon Technology 

Multi Media Reader Contactless

•    Contactless EMV
•    Mobile NFC

•    Contactless EMV
•    Mobile NFC
•    Bluetooth® Beacon Technology 


*MMR® is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 10,089,501 


Mag Stripe  Reader

•    Track 2 Mag Stripe

•    SkimGard® Technology 



Physical Overlay & RFID Skimmer Detection

Parabit’s patented SkimGard® Technology is engineered to detect virtually all skimming devices discovered and investigated by law enforcement  and FI’s. Skimming threats include reader tamper, cable cut, skimmer overlay, reader replacement and RFID sniffers. SkimGard® Technology integrates with all alarm panels, video recorders and ATM out-of-service inputs.


The removal of a reader from its installed location will generate a tamper detection through the alarm panel

Cable Cut    

Continuous monitoring of the cables connecting the reader to the control panel will identify a cut and activate a cable cut detection through the alarm panel

Skimmer Detection 

Continuous monitoring will identify an object placed over the Reader and activate an overlay detection through  the alarm panel


Reader Replacement

Continuous monitoring of the reader will identify replacement attempts and terminate connection with the controller

*SkimGard® is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 8,523,072 and 8,757,488



ACS Enterprise® supports remote facilities monitoring and management for branches with ACS-1EUL installations. Remotely program and manage ATM lobbies and self-service banking terminals around the globe.

  • Execute configuration changes 

  • Schedule updates 

  • Run system diagnostics 

  • Pull audit trails


System activity, audit trails and user logs are retained in a protected central database to support investigative access of card activity, database changes and controller uploads/downloads.  ACS-1EUL controllers can be updated daily, weekly, monthly, annually, on demand or in scheduled batch modes. 

ACS Enterprise® can be integrated to the bank network, virtual server, or cellular-to-ethernet services.  It is available through a tiered license structure to support small community banks, regional institutions, as well as large multinational financial services and holding companies. ACS Field Tech software is required to support technician installation and service, and can be used to manage one branch as a standalone location.

AFH: Audit Trail – Firmware – Health Check Service

AFH collects ACS-1EUL system event and reader event messages and then sends a notification when:


  • Unapproved versions of firmware have been installed within an
    ACS-1EUL Controller

  • An ACS-1EUL Controller cannot be remotely connected to

  • A reader has been detected to no longer be reading Magnetic Stripe, NFC Card/Mobile or Mobile Bluetooth® Data

AFH is controlled, supervised, and configured through Parabit’s ACS Enterprise®. AXSView is required to be installed to allow AFH to send reader failing event messages to EMR, MAStermind or any other Event Message monitoring software.

AXSVIEW: Message Transceiver Service

AXSView receives event messages from ACS-1EUL controllers and VMKWS software and then:


  • Writes the event messages to either the ACS Enterprise® or VMKWS SQL database

  • Forwards the event messages to Parabit’s Event Message Receiver (EMR), MAStermind or any other Event Message monitoring software.

AXSView is controlled, supervised, and configured through Parabit’s ACS Enterprise® software or via the AXSView installation utility. EMR, MAStermind or another Event Message monitoring system is required to be installed to view event and media read, dispensed and collected messages in real time.

Event Message Receiver (EMR)

EMR is a Windows application that displays real-time status updates of detection alerts and system health.  The messages provide details regarding the event, corresponding control panel, IP address, time received and time sent. The data updates in real time, with new event messages added to the list as data is received. Event message descriptions can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Event messages originate from ACS-1EUL controllers and readers.  They are transmitted by AXSView message transceiver service to the EMR for review and analysis. TCP/IP communication is used between controllers, readers, AXSView and the EMR to maintain data protection. and integrity. ACS Enterprise® Multi-User Software and AXSView is required. 



Eliminate the risk of network security exposure as well as the time and expense of network certification. Parabit’s cellular services provide a seamless, rapid deployment of ACS Enterprise® and supporting service software to deliver comprehensive remote facilities monitoring and management for ATM lobbies and self-service banking environments. Developed with Ventus, this product offers strict adherence to the most current IPSecurity security standards, firewall configurations, and PCI DSS certifications.


MMR® Mobile App SDK

Dynamic Access Control via Bluetooth®  and NFC enabled mobile devices

MMR® App SDK command sets

  • Adjustable door unlock time for physically impaired customers
    and enhanced ADA accessibility

  • Police and fire department emergency contact

  • Local phone number speed dial 

  • Cloud-based remote door unlock 

  • Find branch/ATM of installed MMR-BT

  • Available for iPhone iOS X and greater and Android OS X and greater 

android sdk mobile app demo notification.
Beacon Technology



Proper lighting is a core security measure in every environment – our light sensor knows if gets too dark. Parabit’s light sensor is a cost effective, reliable product to measure low light or no light conditions. Use at ATM lobbies, vestibules, drive-ups, walk-ups, dormitories, restrooms, stairwells, hallways, and more.

US States require that the level of illumination in the area surrounding the ATM be at least 10 foot-candles when measured anywhere among an arc located at a five foot radius from the ATM and at thirty-six inches above grade.

The Light Sensor interfaces to any alarm panel and if the lighting falls below the pre-programmed setting of foot candle illumination, the light sensor sends a warning to the monitoring station, alerting you of the poor light condition.


  • Remotely detect vagrants within your ATM / tellerless branches

  • Restrict access to your ATM lobbies, conference rooms, public bathrooms, meeting rooms to one person or a group of people who enter the room at one time

The high definition presence detector is a ceiling-mounted device that requires positioning directly over the activity area which is to be monitored. This device is a low voltage passive infrared detector with a high-performance lens system creating 1,760 switching zones. The innovative mechanical reach setting provides you with a precise method of controlling lighting zones by means of optimizing the sensors detection without compromising sensitivity providing true precise presence detection in the desired detection zone.


Input on the ACS-1EUL controller that supervises the opening and closing of any door with door contact.

Door supervision creates an event when one of the following conditions exists:


  • Once door opens while presence sensor is active

  • Door opens XX times during scheduled access state without a card/device read

  • During an access state, door open count is less than XX % card/device accept reads

  • During an access state, door open count is greater than XX % card/device accept reads

  • At the end of an open state, # of door open states during the open state

  • Door open greater than XXX seconds during a scheduled access state

  • During an open state, door open greater than xxx seconds

  • During a locked/closed state, door open greater than xxx seconds

  • Auto-relock misconfigured, reader entrance enters locked state within less than 1 second consecutively
    XX times

  • Extended door release request received by MMR® App SDK (increment ACS-1EUL Controller Count, add feature to collect this count from each controller)

  • Reader accept/presence sensor no activation (door unlock command processed, but door is not opening)

  • Remotely lock a door to prevent access through the use of the card reader


Access Control

Proximity card readers and systems, building access control software, visitor management kiosks for badge printing, and fingerprint biometrics – we offer full access control integration no matter what you choose for your building.

The software Parbait integrates provides fast installation and setup with the Quick Start Configuration Wizard. Operation is simple via user-defined control and viewing of system status, as well as an event viewer for real-time observation of system activities. Increase protection at access points of commercial buildings and residential properties.


Connect visitors at building entrances to offices and residents inside a facility, with security in mind.

Parabit’s Telephone Access System supports gated residential entrances as well as corporate door access points.  With this simple, easy to install solution, you will increase the level of protection at your facility.

Save on cost: Our Telephone Access solution uses an existing telephone network.  That means new wiring is not necessary. This saves on the cost of installing a hard wired intercom.

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