Wayfinding Kiosks

Need an interactive wayfinding kiosk? Look no further. Our intuitive software, digital advertising and outdoor options allow you to offer multiple levels of self-help to your customer where and when they need it most.


Collateral available in the downloads page.

Wayfinding Kiosks

Parabit products integrate seamlessly with wayfinding software to enhance the way people experience physical environments. Units utilize a secure web browser to provide visitors with an informational directory. They implement interactive touch screens for navigation, splash screens to provide advertising opportunities, and a menu navigation system with categories, sub categories and extensive profile information. Indoor and outdoor models allow for flexible placement for improved customer engagement and experience.


  • Easy to understand, interactive wayfinding tools

  • Secure web browser

  • Multi-language capabilities

  • Revenue-generating opportunities

  • Integration with existing data

Commonly used in:

  • Airports

  • Shopping Malls

  • Museums

  • Art Galleries

  • Hospitals

  • School Campuses

  • Train Stations

  • Bus Terminals

  • Corporate Campuses

  • Housing Developments

  • Vacation Resorts

  • Retail Destinations

  • Stadiums and Event Venues

  • Casinos

PDF catalogs or marketing brochures for this product can be found on the downloads page.

Wayfinding Software
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