ATM Security: Anti-Skimming Solution- SkimGardTM

ATM skimming at the ATM cash machine has grown drastically as criminals improve their skimming techniques. Preying on the most valuable asset of financial institutions; the customer. Skimming also destroys customer trust in one of the most profitable aspects of the business; the ATM. Ultimately skimming tarnishes brands and discredits reputation. Did you know that 67% of U.S. adults who use banking ATM’s are likely to switch institutions after an instance of ATM fraud or data breach.

Parabit’s roots are grounded in the ATM Servicing sector of the industry. In response to the escalating issue in ATM Security, we have expanded our solution offering to address ATM Skimming with the development of our anti-skimming solution; SkimGardTM. Our anti skimming approach focuses on addition of an extra level of security at the ATM Lobby doors.

The patented, multi-level ATM Lobby security system prevents:

-Immediate financial loss to banks/credit unions and their clients -Incurring soft costs of researching, investigating, and reporting of Skimming related financial losses -Risk of damaged reputation and relation losses with clients -Inconvenience and cost of canceling and re-issuing ATM/Debit/Credit cards

Due to the continuing rise of ATM Skimming attacks we have decided not to publish any detailed information on our website. If you are interested in learning more about our anti-skimming solution, please contact for more information.

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