SkimGard™ ATM Lobby Anti-Skimming System

Protecting ATM Lobby Access control is a critical element of ATM Security, particularly since ATM Skimming is on the rise. ATM Marketplace states “the U.S. accounts for 47 percent of global credit and debit card fraud with losses in 2010 totaling $3.56 billion”. Additionally, as criminals establish sophisticated fraud tactics, providing a safe environment for clients to use the ATM and ensuring a safe transaction environment is becoming even more challenging.
According to the FBI, some recent examples of Skimming arrests include:

  • In Miami, four were charged with fraud and identity theft after they made and placed skimming devices on ATMs throughout four Florida counties … all four men eventually pled guilty.
  • In Atlanta, two were charged and pled guilty to being part of a criminal crew that stole account information from nearly 400 bank customers through the use of skimming equipment they installed on ATMs in the Atlanta metro area.
  • In Chicago, one was arrested—and eventually pled guilty—for attempting to purchase an ATM skimming device, hoping to steal information from ATM users and loot their bank accounts.
  • In New York, one was sentenced to 21 months in prison for his role in a scheme that used sophisticated skimming devices on ATMs to steal over $1.8 million from at least 1,400 customer accounts at New York City area banks.
Parabit’s roots are grounded in the Enhancement and Security of ATMs. In response to the escalating issue of card skimming, and the migration of Skimming to the ATM Lobby Access Control System, we have expanded our solution set to mitigate Skimming with the development of our ATM Lobby Access Control anti-skimming solution, SkimGard™. Our patented SkimGard™ anti-skimming solution focuses on 3 levels of Skimming protection at the ATM Lobby Card Access Control System.Level 1 / Skimmer Overlay Detection
This basic level protects the ATM card reader from the placement of skimmer attachments/overlays.

Level 2 / Tamper Detection This level protects the reader from vandal attempts to remove the reader.

Level 3 / Cable-Cut Detection This level detects cable cut attempts by criminals who may wish to cut cables for the installation of a data skimmer or modified card reader with a built-in Skimmer.

Parabit’s patented multi-level ATM Lobby security system prevents:

  • Financial loss to banks/credit unions and their clients
  • Incurring soft costs of researching, investigating and reporting of Skimming related financial losses
  • Risk of damaged reputation and relationship losses with clients
  • Inconvenience and cost of canceling and re-issuing ATM/Debit/Credit cards

Featured Solutions: NFC/EMV

ATM/Debit/Credit Card fraud costs the US card payment industry an estimated USD 8.6 billion per year. With the shift in ATM fraud liability to financial institutions, EMV readiness by 2015 is the key focus of financial institutions.

The required migration to EMV in the US is a slow process because of the costly investment required to convert to EMV in addition to the availability of the technology required to support EMV on the ATM’s. W this in mind, Parabit has developed the ACS-1E ATM Lobby Card Access Control System with an optional Contactless EMV/NFC Reader. The ACS-1E supports both magnetic stripe and EMV/NFC technology; permitting financial institutions to stagger costs associated with the imposed EMV migration.

In addition, the ACS-1E also provides ATM Skimming protection for magnetic stripe card users, thus mitigating costs associated with card skimming.

Due to the continuing rise of ATM Skimming attacks we do not to publish any detailed information on our website or blog. If you are interested in learning more about this product, please contact us at sales at Parabit dot com.
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Parabit Sytems Prepares for ASIS 2014!

ASIS is coming soon.  Parabit knows that security needs are changing, and we are developing the products to keep up.

1) Visitor Management Kiosks

Parabit’s  Kiosks are integrated with various software for processing visitors, including ID scanning, record creation, badge printing, proxy card dispensing, watch list screening, check-in and check-out, and email/SMS notification, as well as other features.

2)  Surveillance Technology

Parabit has been an industry leader in ATM and Bank security since 1995.  Our Doorway Camera, Video Surveillance Products, Light Monitor, and Drive-up Transaction Cameras add the extra security you need.

3) The *NEW* ACS-1E Card Reader

Are you fighting the surging trend of ATM Vestibule Skimming?  Parabit’s ACS-1E card reader system shuts down criminal skimming operations and alerts you every time there is a security breach.  And – we are ready for EMV migration next fall . . . are you?

more info


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The Era of BYOD Has Arrived: How Are You Staying Connected?

Edward Snowden has the world looking into the NSA. Target and Neiman Marcus (and now Home Depot and CelebGate) security breaches have consumers worrying about their privacy and stores worrying about credibility.

BYOD has been the hottest topic of 2014 as more and more employees use personal devices for work applications.

As Big Data grows exponentially, businesses are depending more and more on cloud infrastructure.  For Bank Security, this is especially important.  Gartner predicts “by 2016, poor return on equity will drive 60 percent of banks worldwide to process the majority of their transactions on the cloud”.   Experian believes “at least two-thirds of companies will buy cyber-breach insurance by the end of 2014,” and this protection should also be a priority for small businesses. 

BYOD Security is going to be even bigger in 2015 than it was this year. If your business doesn’t have a BYOD policy in place, you’re already behind.  BYOD security is the difference between a secure network and an invitation to hackers and spammers.  We all need our mobile devices for work and personal use.  So make sure to start planning a BYOD policy that works for you.  Improve productivity, build closer customer relationships and deliver business value faster by working with mobile devices.  Just make sure you are secure.

Finally: increase productivity and enhance professionalism with Mobile Device Charging Stations.   Are customers still desperately looking for outlets?  Are employees hiding their phones under their desks to charge?  Instead of ignoring the mobile culture in the workforce, embracing it will lead to better regulations and fewer security risks.

Parabit’s reliable, cost effective Mobile Device Charging Stations are the best solution for businesses and consumers alike.

Parabit’s custom MOBILE DEVICE CHARGING STATIONS can be found ACROSS THE USA at LaGuardia, JFK, Atlantic City International, Stewart International, Newark, Omaha, West Palm, BWI and now Sarasota AIRPORTS!

Parabit designs and manufactures an array of Mobile Device Charging Stations. Featured here are the power pole and the power stanchion varieties.  All can be branded by business.

Parabit's power stanchions come in a variety of customizable designs.

Parabit’s power stanchions come in a variety of customizable designs.

Parabit fosters a spirit of innovation which propels our products to a higher level of excellence. We continuously exceed the expectations of our clients, producing sustainable products and turn-key solutions.

Our innovative spirit allows Parabit to execute even the most challenging of client requests; time and again our clients are amazed at the attention to detail and unique solutions Parabit provides to suit their individual needs.

35 Debevoise Avenue,

Roosevelt, NY 11575




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School is starting – Add an extra security layer with Visitor Management Kiosks


Parabit’s Visitor Management Kiosks are equipped with state of the art technology for controlling access in high traffic areas and unsupervised lobbies. Our Kiosks are integrated with EasyLobby SVM software  for processing visitors, including ID scanning, record creation, badge printing, proxy card dispensing, watch list screening, check-in and check-out, and email notification, as well as other features.

Used by thousands of organizations such as corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare and property management, the SVM software enables users to capture detailed visitor information more accurately by simply scanning a license, passport or business card, and includes the industry’s most feature-rich, yet easy-to-use visitor management capabilities.

The Self Service Kiosk solution improves security by enabling organizations to identify exactly who is in their facilities, while enhancing the professionalism of an organization by streamlining the visitor check-in process.


  • Manage visitors, packages and assets from a
    single application
  • Enterprise-class scalability from a single system to hundreds, all sharing a central database
  • Electronically capture visitor data by scanning a license, passport or business card
  • Print visitor and employee badges in full color or black and white
  • Customize badges for different categories of visitors
  • Multiple security alerts with email/SMS notification

Customizable Design:

  • 24 user definable fields allow a broad range of customization in visitor data inputs
  • Complete control over visitor form fields, including renaming labels and tabs, show/hide, enable/disable
  • Create and manage your own lists for Reasons, Categories, Clearances
  • Seamless integration with over 40 of the leading access control systems
  • Import employee lists from any ODBC database or Active Directory, with auto scheduling and updating


For more information, email sales at Parabit dot com, or call 516-378-4800 x305

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The New Aveta – the latest in self-service technology from Parabit Systems, Inc.

August 28, 2014, Roosevelt, NY

Parabit Systems is to reveal its latest self-service kiosk, the New Aveta, at the Airports Council International – North America (ACS-NA) 2014 annual conference and exhibition next month.

The New Aveta from Parabit is the latest in interactive wayfinding and digital signage technology. The New Aveta entertains customers while they interact, and is designed to increase advertising revenue streams for owners through displays and telephone directories. For use in airports, hospitals, casinos, campuses, or wherever customer service can be improved.

The New Aveta is an interactive application with internet access. Features include a motion sensor that activates a program when the Aveta knows there is a user present. This starts an interactive touch-screen application to engage users and show information and directions. There are three mobile-device charging bays. The top of the Aveta features another display for advertising use, which can play video or presentations. There is also a Courtesy Parabit Telephone that when lifted from the receiver activates a directory, which the kiosk owner can program with Parabit’s in-house technical support. Parabit’s Phone Checker Software lets kiosk owners remotely test, retrieve call counts, and program the Parabit Telephone. Owners can customize their directory based on brand and advertising revenue – making changes that are the best for their company.

The New Aveta is unlike any other interactive display kiosk. Made in the U.S.A., this customizable solution is a secure, reliable product from the industry leader in security and self-service. Eliminate the hassle of multiple devices such as signage, screens, brochures, phones, and device charging stations. The New Aveta offers a compact, one stop solution for consumers with the opportunity to increase advertising revenue for owners.

Parabit Systems has roots in the financial security industry, and has expanded to the airport, transportation, education, healthcare, and government sectors. Parabit designs and manufactures self-service solutions, including charging stations, visitor management kiosks, and welcome centers. Parabit’s solutions provide opportunities to enhance customer service and safety, and increase revenue streams.

“We saw a need to consolidate multiple functions into one kiosk. We wanted to create a beautiful design based on the needs of our customer base – a one-stop solution for customer service needs, and the demands kiosk owners who want a great ROI from a reliable product.”   – Rob Leiponis, President of Parabit

Inquiries call 516-378-4800 x305 or email

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Preparing for the ACI-NA 2014 Conference

Parabit Systems, Inc. is excited to once again attend the Airports Council International North American Conference (ACI-NA) this year from September 7th to September 9th, 2014, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Find us at booth #725!
With the conference fast approaching, we are preparing to present some of our most exciting new technologies to date.

The purpose of the ACI-NA is to provide an interactive and educational experience for Airport and Travel industry professionals to learn about products and services that will make travel more secure and streamlined.  The conference officially states the following: “North America’s airports are the gateway to commerce throughout the world and the front door to the communities they connect for millions of passengers who visit the United States and Canada each year.  At ACI-NA, our goal is to make sure that our member airports gain greater flexibility so that they can finance and build the capital projects needed to handle tomorrow’s travelers and cargo” (Kevin M. Burke, President at CEO, ACI-NA).

Welcome Center By Parabit System's at New York's JFK International Airport.
Welcome Center By Parabit Systems at New York’s JFK International Airport, Terminal 5.
Parabit Systems has been at the forefront of security and
access control technology since 1995.

Parabit’s mission is to enhance self-service and improve security by continuously studying customer needs and maintaining close relationships with our client base. Parabit’s aim is to continue growth through the development of innovative turn-key solutions for existing clients and for new markets which support its mission.

When it comes to Airport and Transportation needs, Parabit excels.  Besides welcome centers and visitor management kiosks deployed throughout the Tri-State area, Parabit is also constantly coming up with engaging, innovative technologies to enhance customer service, better the experience of a traveler, and increase advertising revenues for kiosk owners.

Parabit’s exciting new technology that will be showcased at the

2014 ACI-NA, booth #725:


The *NEW* Single Sided Aveta
Today’s consumer and modern traveler are constantly connected and demand engaging, fast results. Target a revolving customer base with the interactive Aveta kiosk by Parabit. Using best-in-class equipment and software, Parabit’s Avita combines digital signage, way-finding, and inter-active brochures to create a solution that maximizes return on investment, increases company visibility, and offers trackable marketing results.

The NEW Single-Sided Aveta by Parabit!  Come see it in action at booth #725

The NEW Single-Sided Aveta by Parabit! Come see it in action at booth #725


Animated Virtual Assistant (AVA)
Parabit is the creator and manufacturer of the animated virtual assistant kiosk (AVA), an innovative Hologram solution which provides your targeted audience with consistent on-demand information. Our customizable animated solution fits any brand image and offers the most innovative and engaging animated digital signage solution available.

Parabit's AVA's, Vicky and Victor!

Parabit’s AVA’s, Vicky and Victor!

Mobile Device Power Stanchion
Satisfy the needs of a modern traveler on the go! Parabit is known for stability and reliability in our products. The charging stations are made out of vandal resistant, durable metal, and outperform the competition in public environment deployments. Parabit’s Mobile Device Charging Stations are designed and manufactured from start to finish, on-site in our Roosevelt, New York headquarters.

Parabit's power stanchions come in a variety of customizable designs.

Parabit’s power stanchions come in a variety of customizable designs.

More Airport Solutions from Parabit:

For more information, please reach out to sales at Parabit dot com,

or call 516-378-4800.  And we look forward to meeting you in Atlanta!

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Parabit’s Secure Locking Bay Kiosk: A Great New Tool for Consumers and Parabit Clients

Technology – man-made tools that inspired by innovative ideas, intended to engage humans in an interactive, useful way!  Yet so many of us are tired of technology making our lives more complicated instead of simpler.  Isn’t it the worst when you run out of battery life when you need your mobile device the most?  It’s like running out of gas on the way to an important event!  Imagine you’re travelling overseas and you run out of juice.  Or you’re in a hospital waiting room, ready to tell your friends and family about the birth of a grandson, only to lose your battery charge.  End users demand a secure way to stay charged whenever they need to.

Parabit Systems recognizes industry trends and the needs of our clients.  The end-user of most Parabit products is the general public or consumer.  Our customers are the brands and companies that deploy Parabit products so that their client base will have a better experience in access control, self-service, and security.

As the world exponentially gets more connected via mobile devices, Parabit has come up with solutions that are safe, reliable, and secure.  And our products are new ways to engage consumers not just because of a need, but also through digital signage displays and advertising.

Our newest product that is sure to satisfy the needs of our clients and consumers alike is the Secure Locking Bay Kiosk!

Certain environments pose the need for a very secure way to charge mobile devices. Parabit has designed Secure Charging Kiosks to meet the demands of customers and staff in healthcare, hospitality, education, and other industries. Parabit kiosks are ADA compliant and constructed of durable, powder-coated steel, providing customers with the most secure charging available.

The Parabit Locking Bay Kiosk provides extra secure mobile device charging for customers in the following environments:

  • Hospitals
  • Health care centers
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Financial institutions
  • College campuses
  • Waiting rooms
  • And more!


Parabit customers: you can increase your revenue streams via advertising displays on the optional digital signage accessory. Another option for additional revenue generation is the collection of a fee for increments of device charging.

Here is a sneak peak of the Parabit Secure Locking Bay Kiosk:


For more information, email or call 516-378-4800.


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ATM Vestibule Skimming: How to Fight this Surging Trend

Card skimming at ATMs and access doors to the vestibules is a major source of concern for financial institutions, and for law enforcement agencies.


Vestibule skimming is a surging trend.  Fraud experts say the banking industry can expect to see more incidents, unless and until additional measures are added to address security at the ATM and its surrounding access points.


“The vestibules are definitely getting hit more often,” says Julie McNelley, research director and fraud analyst at Aite Group. “Criminals . . . found a security gap, and are exploiting it.  They saw that the banks were proactively checking the ATM, so then they hit the vestibules . . . This is a very high priority for financial institutions . . . But they can’t rely on one technology or solution. They need a layered approach, one that includes a combination of policies and procedures, like regular inspections of ATMs (and vestibules).”

A layered approach is where Parabit Systems comes in.

We developed the ACS-1E ATM Access Control Kit w/SkimGard!

The Parabit ACS-1E ATM/Building Access Control System provides the ultimate solution for branch and remote ATM lobby installations which require more advanced enterprise system management and control.

Key Features Include:
  • 4 Port I/O Adapter
  • Supports Remote Firmware Updates
  • ACS Enterprise Software compatibility
  • Supports Tamper/Cable Cut Detect or SkimGard™ options
  • MAS Alarm Messaging integration (under development)
  • Track 2 Magnetic Stripe Access Control
  • Imbedded Ethernet
  • Egress, Door Contact and Fire Alarm inputs
  • 2nd Card Reader option
  • Future EMV/NFC Option
Parabit ALSO recommends Covert Security Cameras and Light Monitors as added layers of security!

ATM LIGHT LAWS STATE that there must be lights at the ATM, so no shadows are cast within 50 feet of it. This not only helps the customer stay alert, but it also makes the ATM easier to see. These lighting requirements are also applicable to drive-up ATMs. Parabit recognizes that proper lighting is a core security measure at any unattended self-service environment. Our light monitor detects low or no light conditions at Lobby, Drive-Up, and Walk-Up ATM’s as well as night drop installations. The Light Sensor interfaces to any alarm panel and if the lighting falls below the pre-programmed setting of foot candle illumination, the light monitor sends a warning to the monitoring station alerting you of the poor light condition.



Parabit’s Doorway Camera is designed for applications where unobstructed, close-up, facial image capture is required. Designed to fit narrow storefronts, our doorway camera is a unique, covert solution for your security needs. This high resolution camera can be used in conjunction with height strip tape. The camera can fit into any standard door frame and maintains a superior video image compared to pendant or ceiling mount cameras!

For more information about Parabit’s ATM Vestibule Skimming Solutions, contact us directly.


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The Benefits of Custom Design

Regardless of your type of business and whether you deal directly with customers or with other businesses, custom branded designs will benefit your bottom line and enhance your brand!  Here are some reasons to go for a custom design:

  • Use Logoed Designs for Branding and Identity

  • Establish Company Pride and Community

  • Generate Credibility and Trust in Your Company

  • Establish Brand Recognition

Parabit has a range of paint colors to choose from for your custom kiosk!

Parabit has a range of paint colors to choose from for your custom kiosk!

Every business is unique, and Parabit understands that cookie-cutter branding just doesn’t work.  Your business has its own message that should be represented.  That’s why we manufacture every product in-house at our Long Island, New York headquarters with customization and quality in mind.  The competition, on the other hand, buys parts from over-seas and assembles run-of-the mill, flimsy products that just don’t stand the test of time.  All Parabit designs are available as pedestals, desktops, or wall mount models, and are designed with customization in mind. Clients may choose the specific configuration and branding for their facility and needs. And Parabit is known for reliability and quality first.

Customize your Parabit kiosk with your brand and logo - make a memorable impression with your customers.

Customize your Parabit kiosk with your brand and logo – make a memorable impression with your customers.

Parabit designs and manufactures customizable self-service kiosk solutions for any industry. Whether you are looking to enhance the experience of your customers in a retail or hospitality setting, provide assistance in a health-care facility, upgrade visitor identification in an education setting, or provide way-finding for tourists, Parabit can work with you!

Parabit kiosks provide an opportunity to enhance customer service and increase advertising revenue for your company.  Brand the look and feel of the kiosk to represent your unique business, or maintain some areas for advertising as well.  When patients in a waiting-room, students in a library, patrons in a nightlife setting, and tourists in an airport need to charge a mobile device, you have a captive audience with a Parabit power stanchion.  While they wait, they can read about your business or paid sponsorships – generating YOU more revenue while their customer satisfaction increases.

Our reliable, cost-effective solutions include more than mobile device charging stanchions.  Parabit also manufactures customizable secure cell-phone charging kiosks, visitor management kiosks, and avatars. Parabit self-service kiosks provide users with a variety of services, including mobile device charging (with USB and/or standard outlets), automated identification verification, instant issue ID cards, way-finding, and more.

Power Kiosks


Contact one of our kiosk experts to help build your perfect custom solution today





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Don’t Be Left in The Dark about ATM Lighting Laws


There must be lights at the ATM, so no shadows are cast within 50 feet of it. This not only helps the customer stay alert, but it also makes the ATM easier to see. These lighting requirements are also applicable to drive-up ATMs. Read more: ATM Lighting Laws |

Parabit recognizes that proper lighting is a core security measure at any unattended self-service environment. Our light monitor detects low or no light conditions at Lobby, Drive-Up, and Walk-Up ATM’s as well as night drop installations.

The Light Sensor interfaces to any alarm panel and if the lighting falls below the pre-programmed setting of foot candle illumination, the light monitor sends a warning to the monitoring station alerting you of the poor light condition.

Parabit has a discreet ATM light sensor, which can also be applied to many other industries, such as:

Building Security
School Security
Lobby Monitoring
ATM Lobby Monitoring

In this age, no school can be too safe.  As Back to School approaches, consider installing the Light Sensor to add to safety and security.

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