Stay One Step Ahead of Skimming Attacks

Be on the lookout, and stay one step ahead of criminals.  Protect all access points and card readers!

ALERT: There has been an increase in card skimming attacks at ATMs and ATM Vestibules across the USA. The trend likely is being fueled by the coming migration away from magnetic-stripe technology to contact EMV.

ATM manufacturers are making sure that ATM card readers are protected, and criminals know this – but what about the card reader at your ATM Vestibule? This is where skimming devices are now frequently placed.

DID YOU KNOW? ATM Vestibules that lack Parabit’s ATM Card Entry Access Control System are prime locations for criminals to install an ATM Card Skimmer (and then place a PIN capture device on the ATM).

See the #1 Solution: Parabit’s SkimGard(TM)

Skimming Detection System

Detect Card Reader; Tampering/Cable Cut/ Installation of Skimming Devices with Parabit’s SkimGard(TM)/ACS-1E ATM Lobby Card

Access Control System. Integrates with all Alarm Monitoring Receivers, Alarm Panels, DVRs, and your ATMs.


SkimGard(TM) and ACS-1E ATM Lobby Card Entry Access Control System is the standard for 17 of the top 20 US Banks!

Plan Future Retail Banking Trends

ATM/Debit/Credit Card fraud costs the US card payment industry an estimated USD 8.6 billion per year.


Our new Multi Media Reader will debut early in 2016 –

Soon your ATM Vestibule can support the current trends in ATM transaction migration towards Contactless EMV and Mobile Phone/NFC enabled transactions.  More security and peace of mind, guaranteed.



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Entice your bar and event clients to stay a little longer . . .

We have all experienced the inconvenience of running out of mobile device battery power when we are socializing at our favorite establishment. Our Mobile Device Charging Stations provide an opportunity to recharge devices while enhancing customer service perceptions.

We work with your existing infrastructure:

NO headaches, NO mess, EASY installation.  

 – Charge phones, tablets, laptops via USB drives or power outlets

 – Custom designs made of durable stainless steel or powder coated metal

 – Increase safety for your clients and staff

 – Display advertising and branding from sponsors – and increase revenue

 – Found across the U.S.A. in Airports and Lounges

 – Affordable, durable, classic, and totally customizable


Tall power poles for charging, resting drinks, and getting BIG branding across for your establishment or partners.  Compact, sleek stanchions for between booths, behind the bar, or anywhere you want your brand or sponsors to get noticed while your customers charge.  We make power counters for along the wall, as well. 

Don’t plug in at the bar or under seats anymore!

Top them all with an illuminated or digital message and branding! 

Call us today: 516-378-4800

Email us directly:
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Parabit Opens Satellite Offices in Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles!


April 29, 2015

Founded in 1995 by Rob Leiponis, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the manufacturer and total systems integrator.  Parabit Systems’ ATM Lobby/Vestibule Access Entry Control System, the ACS-1E with SkimGard™ Skimming Detection, is found in 17 of the top 20 U.S. banks and is the number one skimming deterrent for ATM Lobby Card Entry Access Control.  The ACS-1E with SkimGard™ integrates with existing alarm panels and ATMs, as well as DVR Systems.

Parabit’s ACS Enterprise, AXSView Service, and AFH Service applications perform system configuration changes, reports on uptime/panel activity/user application activity, reports possible card reader and/or door lock failures, possible loitering, and other suspect activity.

Parabit’s self-service and security products are used predominantly by the Financial, Government, Transportation, Retail, Medical, and Education markets, and include Specialty Cameras, Visitor Management Kiosks, Custom Door Lock/Exit Hardware, ATM Accessories, Charging Stations, Interactive Digital Signage applications (eTract and eBrochure), Visitor/Welcome Centers, Digital Signage Displays, Courtesy/Emergency Telephones, and Building/Telephone Access Systems.

Local and Remote support services include site surveys, project management, and system configuration/testing /monitoring. Parabit seamlessly designs and integrates total security and self-service solutions within existing infrastructure to minimize expense.

For more information, email or visit

Media Contact: Georgia Reid, Marketing Administrator,, 516-378-4800

Banner ISC West 2015

Featured Security Products – View at ISC West 2015!

Parabit Systems, the world’s #1 manufacturer and designer of Skimming Detection Technology, is headed once again to Las Vegas, this time for the ISC West International Security Conference and Exposition!  Parabit is no stranger to this show – it will be our 15th year exhibiting with the ISC events portfolio.  This year, Parabit Systems at booth 1057, represented by President and CEO Rob Leiponis, joined by Bob Hricisak, VP of Sales/Marketing, and Ted Joseph, Senior Account Executive.

Parabit Systems is famous for securing the ATM Vestibules of 17 of the TOP 20 U.S. Banks with our ACS-1E ATM Lobby Access Control System with SkimGard(TM)

Coming soon is our MMR Contactless EMV/NFC/Mag Stripe Reader, which incorporates SkimGard(TM) and works with the ACS-1E Control Panel.

From Left to Right: MMR, Swipe, Insert Readers, and the ACS-1E Demo Kit - see them all at booth 1057!

From Left to Right: MMR, Swipe, Insert Readers, and the ACS-1E Demo Kit – see them all at booth 1057!

All of these solutions work with Remote Facilities Management Software:


Did you know that Parabit is a custom stainless steel fabrication and design shop?

Because of our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, we also make a variety of unique Emergency and Courtesy Telephones (Telephones Catalog).  In this day of mobile technology, we STILL should provide our customers, students, and staff with access to RELIABLE COMMUNICATION in ANY situation!  Cell towers go down.  Batteries die.  Better to rely on phone line powered, reliable equipment.

Parabit’s Courtesy/Emergency Phones are Reliable, Vandal Resistant, Remotely Programmable, and Phone Line Powered.  With PhoneChecker Software you can remotely power one phones or many, retrieve call counts, and more!

Parabit Telephones come in a variety of styles: Stanchion, Wall/Flush Mount, Auto/Speed Dial, Directory, and more.

Parabit Telephones come in a variety of styles: Stanchion, Wall/Flush Mount, Auto/Speed Dial, Directory, and more.

Other Security Products that you can demo at ISC West are these unique surveillance cameras and accessories:

Light Monitor: Ensure proper lighting at ALL TIMES!  Make sure that ATMs, Stairwells, Restrooms, Elevators, and Dormitories all have the illumination that is required  BY LAW.  The light monitor integrates with your Alarm System and will send an alert if lighting fails, or is tampered with.

Light Monitor - pictured here with weather resistant hood.

Light Monitor – pictured here with weather resistant hood.

Transaction Cameras: Record every transaction that takes place in your environment with  close-
up facial image capture.  Parabit’s Transaction Cameras function with mechanical tilt/pan/height
adjustment, so you can make sure the camera is set correctly each time.
New Style of Transaction Camera!

New Style of Transaction Camera!

Drive-Up Cameras: Available in Dual Camera Housing for Facial and Vehicle Plate image capture,
or as Single Camera Housing:


Doorway Cameras: For Covert facial image capture in your storefront/ATM doorway/mullion.
Tilts with 30 degree adjustment, total from far left to far right!
Parabit's Doorway Camera

Parabit’s Doorway Camera

Finally, no trade-show is complete without visitor registration, check in, and badge dispensing.  Imagine if you had a KIOSK that could do all of that, and more! Parabit’s Self Check-in / Visitor Management Kiosks do just that.

These smart, sturdy machines can pre-register visitors, verify identities, photograph your visitors, track persons, dispense proxy cards/badges, and can integrate with over 45 Access Control Systems.

Many Kiosk Styles Available, Including "Thru the Wall", "Juno" Pedestal Style, "Helius" Pedestal/Desktop Style, and custom options

Many Kiosk Styles Available, Including “Thru the Wall”, “Juno” Pedestal Style, “Helius” Pedestal/Desktop Style, and custom options


Set up a time to meet with the Parabit Team at ISC West

Contact us today, or visit us in Vegas, Baby! Booth 1057.

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Where Security Meets Innovation: Why Parabit’s Work in Self-Service Solutions is Important for Improving Security

Parabit Systems, Inc., founded in 1995, counts 17 of the top 20 U.S. banks as our clients.  We provide ATM lobby card access control systems that detect skimming attempts.  Additionally, Parabit offers surveillance technology to enhance ATM and Bank security, from DVR Systems to specialty cameras, such as the Teller/Transaction camera, Doorway Camera, and our dual Drive-Up camera for face and license plate image capture.  Alarm panels and ATM Access Control can be remotely monitored with our proprietary software, as well.

Doorway Camera, Transaction Camera, and Drive Up Camera.

Doorway Camera, Transaction Camera, and Drive Up Camera.

So why does Parabit, a company known for creative, innovative self-service solutions, also maintain its work in the security business? “Unfortunately, the world is not becoming a safer place,” says President and Founder Robert Leiponis.  Parabit’s trusted relationships with Banks is what led to the implementation of security and self-service solutions in other industries as well.  Where there is a demand, Parabit will fill the supply to make Banks, Campuses, Corporate Buildings, Educational Facilities, Healthcare Facilities/Hospitals, Retail Establishments, and Airports/Transportation Hubs safer and more secure.

In the ever changing banking security landscape, Parabit is at the forefront of keeping up with needs.  The SkimGard reader, for example, is one of a kind, and has deterred and detected thousands of skimming attempts at top banks.  You can see a demonstration of Parabit’s ACS-1E Card Access Reader and SkimGard next month at ISC West.


Other security solutions include Building Access Control, Emergency Telephones, and a Light Monitor that detects low-light conditions and sends an alert.

Many security products from Parabit.

Many security products from Parabit.

So the questions remains – how do Self-Service solutions improve Security?

Mechanical, Electrical, and Information Technology engineers should ensure self-service products (such as Kiosks, AVAs, and Courtesy Phones) are deployed efficiently, professionally, and provide the backbone for additional security solutions, such as cameras that record activities and transactions.

Parabit’s Self-Service solutions provide a safe, efficient, and trackable interaction for information finding, way-finding, and communication.  They also enhance customer perceptions and professionalism in any environment, which leads to deterring crime.  Research into criminal behavior shows that the decision to offend or not to offend is more influenced by cues to the perceived risk of being caught than by cues to reward or ease of entry.

By creating a self-service landscape that ALSO provides surveillance is an aspect of natural surveillance that is a factor to deter crimes.

Solutions experts at Parabit Systems are available to speak with daily, at your convenience.  CONTACT US directly for more information on our innovative approach to self-service and security.

Be sure to visit our booth #1057 at ISCWest next month.



Parabit is heading back to Vegas for DSE!


We are excited to make our debut at Digital Signage Expo 2015!

03/11/15 – 03/12/15 | Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV | Booth FT3

Meet us at the Digital Signage Expo!

Parabit’s Digital Signage Solution creates, manages, and distributes electronic content for stand-alone and multi-screen networks of digital displays that are centrally managed and addressable for targeted information!

Digital Signage Applications:
Parabit’s eBrochure and eTract Digital Signage Applications are making a revolutionary impact in public space deployments!

Be sure to see a live demo at our booth at DSE.

AND . . . Don’t miss out on our brand new Portable Avatar in the New Product Showcase!

Parabit's Brand NEW Portable Avatar - debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March!

Parabit’s Brand NEW Portable Avatar – debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March!

If you can dream it, we can build it! email info @ Parabit . com



Meet Us at Exhibitor LIVE!

Going to Las Vegas for ExhibtorLIVE 2015?  Be sure to meet us there! 

When and Where?

  • 03/02/15 – 03/04/15
  • Mandalay Bay Convention Center
  • Las Vegas!

Parabit will be displaying an array of our Mobile Device Charging Stations at our booth, #569.



 A great draw for booth traffic and a huge convenience for your guests. 


Best of all, making her debut at ExhibitorLIVE 2015, is our new Portable Avatar ! 

Ratchet up the wow factor of your booth and get people to linger longer when you outfit it with the Portable Avatar!  Characters are projected as a life-size hologram in front of a silhouette on the display, and you can program it to appear as any animated character or creature you wish, or even have a hologram created of a real person like your company CEO. The device can be fitted with a sonic sensor that detects someone approaching and starts the holographic display, as well as counts the number of viewers and reports on their dwell time. A touchscreen interface can be programmed with any menu of options you want, including multiple languages and different holograms, and the unit can be set to run continuously or sleep when no viewers are present.

Parabit's Brand NEW Portable Avatar - debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March!

Parabit’s Brand NEW Portable Avatar – debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March!


Don’t forget to stop by and enter our RAFFLE for a new IPad Air 2!

stop by booth 569 to win!

stop by booth 569 to win!


Want to learn more about Parabit’s Tradeshow Solutions?

Visit our website.

For more information, email info @ Parabit . com


Webinar: Best Practices for WayFinding and Passenger Experience Enhancing Solutions at Airports


AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE is hosting a free webinar and panel discussion among four top experts in airport improvement next month: Ralph Tragale Assistant Director of Aviation, Port Authority NY/NJ, Mark  Stuckey VP of Special Projects and Development, Sarasota-Bradenton Int’l Airport, Rob Leiponis President, Parabit Systems, and Paul Bowers (moderator), Publisher, Airport Improvement Magazine .  The topic: Best Practices for WayFinding and Passenger Experience Enhancing Solutions at Airports.

This is the first time Airport Improvement Magazine has hosted a webinar with the Port Authority of NY/NJ.  Audiences are anticipating an inside glimpse into the branding and implementation of the Port Authority’s now-famous “Customer Care” program, which has re-vamped the branding and efficiency of Airport Terminals and transportation hubs.  Facts about the Port Authority’s airports and the success of their customer surveys will be examined.

Parabit Systems has been the go-to service provider for the Port Authority since the start of the Customer Care re-branding, offering affordable, long-lasting public deployment solutions, from Welcome Centers to Charging Stations to the famous Customer Care Avatar. The pros and cons of working with a single provider will ne examined.  From site surveys, to installation, to mitigating electrical cost, Parabit has worked with several regional and international airports to improve the passenger experience, increase efficient, and reducing risk.

  • Six out of 10 airports are placing key tech investment on improvement of passenger services
  • Technology investment impacted by pervasiveness of mobile communications
  • Through 2017, 80% of airports are set to invest in mobile and self-service solutions
    (source: Airports Council International February 2015 World Report)

With the Aviation industry investing in passenger improvement services, especially Mobile and Self-Service solutions, it is no wonder that airports such as Sarasota-Bradenton have made significant strides to enhance terminals with mobile device charging kiosks (also manufactured by Parabit).  Webinar attendees will be able to hear, first hand from the VP of  Special Projects and Development, how to look for the right solution, and what it takes to implement them, from finances to installation.

It is especially prevalent for smaller airports to stay competitive.  Mr. Stuckey of Sarasota-Bradenton knows this first hand, and will discuss his plans to create an airport that passengers prefer.

This webinar will be a “how-to” guide for implementing Passenger Enhancing Solutions at the modern airport, and will also look at the revolutionary step in integrating Flight Information Displays (FIDs) with WayFinding, just as Parabit was able to do at the Port Authority Bus Terminals.

This event is a not-to-be-missed discussion from top industry experts.  There will be time devoted to a Q&A forum as well.

Interested participants should register using the link below since space is limited and this webinar is in high demand.





Get Excited for Your Next Big Tradeshow or Event!

Get excited about your events this year with products to enhance the client experience.  Increase your revenue stream with advertising and sponsorships.  Engage and attract more visitors.

Enhancing self-service is essential in environments which value on-demand information and advanced customer service. With this in mind, Parabit has developed Animated Virtual Assistant Kiosks. This self-service solution combines innovative hologram technology and progressive design for a 3-d virtual hologram experience.

Parabit's Brand NEW Portable Avatar - debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March!

Parabit’s Brand NEW Portable Avatar – debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March!

NOW FEATURING THE PORTABLE AVATAR!  Debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March, the new Portable Avatar (any character you can dream of) gives directions, safety/health tips, product information, and more!  She displays 3-d renderings of products, speaks any language, and can go anywhere.  PLUS – she tells you how often someone stops by to listen to her message!

Other solutions to engage and attract visitors:

Power stanchions and power poles that make your brand stand out!

Power stanchions and power poles that make your brand stand out from the crowd!

Branded Power Poles Make a Big Impression!

Charging Stanchions are compact, cool, and keep you charged

Parabit Systems is a full-service engineering, design, integration, and manufacturing company that provides top-quality security products and innovative self-service solutions.
We foster a spirit of inventiveness which propels our products to a higher level of excellence.  We take pride in getting the job done right, and making the highest quality products and turn-key solutions. Trust the experts with over 20 years of experience.
Call 888-3PARABIT or contact us directly, and we will ensure your next big event is a hit with modern, engaging solutions.
Visit us at EXHIBITOR LIVE and DSE to see our brand new PORTABLE AVATAR for the FIRST TIME!

Digital Signage Applications for the Modern Consumer and the Savvy Business Owner

Digital Publishing is a key marketing component for any company with a web presence.  But what about industries that have visitors in their brick-and-mortar facility?  In order to engage the modern customer, creating an interactive, multi-media experience is paramount.

And, the Savvy Business Owner wants to track usage and ROI on advertising.  Tracking user engagement is important to measure the performance of a promotional investment.

That’s where Parabit’s Digital Signage applications come in.

Parabit’s eBrochure and eTract Digital Signage Applications are making a revolutionary impact in public space deployments!




The Benefits of eBrochure:

  • CURRENT: Update digital content as often as needed. Parabit’s support team is here for you, 24/7.
  • EASY: Fast install, no mess, no headache, and 24/7 support from experts with 20+ years of experience.
  • ENTERTAINING: Utilize engaging touch-screen digital signage for an interactive experience for your clients, customers, students, passengers.
  • GO GREEN: Save money on printed materials, and reduce waste.
  • MOBILE: Integrates with mobile devices – users can scan a QR code or receive SMS messages to save information.
  • STYLISH: Your graphics team or Parabit’s team of expert designers can create memorable, eye-catching content for your eBrochure application.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: Don’t waste space – eBrochure provides an unlimited capacity of digital brochures without taking up valuable real estate.
  • TRACK USAGE: We will count all visits to each page of your digital brochure, allowing you to know your clients better and tailor your advertising for increased ROI. You can’t do that with paper!

eBrochure engages your customer, puts promotional materials right where they can find it, and tracks how often users engage with each  item.

Parabit also combines digital brochures with an interactive, secure web-browser and telephone courtesy directory on the Aveta Kiosk, with the eTract application.

E-tract-Final-LogoThe eTract Digital Signage Application is used to get the attention of customers, passengers, and guests in your facility. They will be able to view installed commercials and slideshows, and once engaged with the program, eTract can provide specified information to the viewer on a secure web browser or via advertisements.  eTract measures the frequency of application usage as well as other statistical data related to kiosk usage, such as browser activity, dialing activity, people present activity, and advertising, all collected in easy-to-use log files.

Information/Digital Brochure kiosks help customers find important information. shop for items, and use wayfinding!

Use anywhere you want to improve the customer/visitor/passenger experience:

  • Airports and Transit Stations: Passengers can look up “Things to Do” in the area – utilize sponsored content, track usage, and increase your revenue stream.
  • Banks and Credit Unions: Display information and create a better customer experience. Link to a secure web browser and collect contact information.
  • Campuses and Libraries: Students, Staff, and Visitors can look up events, meeting times, important news, and more, just by touching the screen.
  • Hospitals: Keep visitors entertained, provide safety tips, directions, hours of operation, and more.
  • Retail Stores: Customers can browse the latest trends and deals and download right to their mobile devices. Keep customers in the store longer and create an Omni-channel experience.

Contact Parabit for more information, and be sure to visit us at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, March 11-12, 2015! We will have a live demo of eTract and eBrochure!untitled