How To Enhance Customer Service while Generating Revenue

Cell Phone Charging Kiosks

Analysts predict that mobile subscribers worldwide will reach 6.5 billion by the end of 2012, 6.9 billion by the end of 2013 and 8 billion by the end of 2016. (Mobile Factbook 2012 ) (mobiThinking) Today’s fast faced society demands 24/7  contact through technology such as cell phones and laptops with one element getting in the way- the dying battery.

Whether for leisure or business, a dying phone battery  causes customers to scramble to find a way for re-charging  their phone, laptop or tablet. Companies can alleviate this pain through offering cell phone charging stations while generating revenue through providing targeted ads to a captive audience. These ads are displayed on digital signage toppers integrated with the kiosks.
Another opportunity to generate revenue on the kiosks is by applying a fee for device charging. Our Kiosks may be configured with the ability for the user to select the device charging time. (The charging amount will depend on how long the device is plugged in, the model type and battery quality.)

Parabit’s Device and Mobile Charging Kiosks are designed in various configurations and branding options so that client’s may choose the right configuration and  look for their facility needs.  Our current model offering includes:
-Power Poles     -Power Counters      -Power Stanchions      -Power Kiosks

For areas needing additional security, Parabit has designed and manufactured Secure Charging Kiosks. These kiosks are ADA compliant and constructed of durable powder coated steel with 8 or 16 locking cell phone charging bays; providing customers secure charging.

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ATM Security: Anti-Skimming Solution- SkimGardTM

ATM skimming at the ATM cash machine has grown drastically as criminals improve their skimming techniques. Preying on the most valuable asset of financial institutions; the customer. Skimming also destroys customer trust in one of the most profitable aspects of the business; the ATM. Ultimately skimming tarnishes brands and discredits reputation. Did you know that 67% of U.S. adults who use banking ATM’s are likely to switch institutions after an instance of ATM fraud or data breach.

Parabit’s roots are grounded in the ATM Servicing sector of the industry. In response to the escalating issue in ATM Security, we have expanded our solution offering to address ATM Skimming with the development of our anti-skimming solution; SkimGardTM. Our anti skimming approach focuses on addition of an extra level of security at the ATM Lobby doors.

The patented, multi-level ATM Lobby security system prevents:

-Immediate financial loss to banks/credit unions and their clients -Incurring soft costs of researching, investigating, and reporting of Skimming related financial losses -Risk of damaged reputation and relation losses with clients -Inconvenience and cost of canceling and re-issuing ATM/Debit/Credit cards

Due to the continuing rise of ATM Skimming attacks we have decided not to publish any detailed information on our website. If you are interested in learning more about our anti-skimming solution, please contact for more information.

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Virtual Concierge Kiosks At JFK Airport!

Virtual Concierge Kiosks

Virtual Concierge-Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Parabit has deployed Virtual Concierge Information Kiosks at New York’s JFK Airport. This interactive kiosk solution allows digital ads to be displayed on the kiosk’s touch screen LCD display. Digital marketing opportunities exist through sale of ad space on hospitality and travel services.

Parabit’s Virtual Concierge Kiosk can educate, inform, assist and entertain your guests 24/7 through on-demand printing of information and marketing material. Our self-service kiosk solution combines cutting edge LCD technology, progressive design and proprietary software.

Self-Service Internet service options on the Internet kiosk also include the ability to book show tickets and request show schedules through the kiosk.

Function: With Parabit’s Virtual Concierge self-service software, an unlimited amount of brochures can be displayed and printed on your interactive kiosk!  Benefits include:

Cost Effective

• Eliminate the need to mass produce brochures (Go Green effort)

• Reduce storage and transportation fees

• Print real-time information


• Analyze statistical information obtained from the kiosk

• Display different content as the user approaches the kiosk

Revenue Generation

• Generate new revenue through our digital signage solution (i.e. advertisement for local merchants)

• Promotion of products and services via coupon printing


• Auto refresh when user steps away from the kiosk

• Restrict users from minimizing or closing the application without proper authorization

• Flexibility to authorize which Web sites may be displayed

• Integrated kiosk browser capable of displaying Web pages and imagery (.gif, .jpg, .png, and .bmp), videos, Flash and PDF’s)

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Mobile Charging Stations Extend Value at NY & NJ Airports

Parabit’s Mobile Phone Charging Kiosks are a great solution for clients to charge their cell phones and other electronic devices before boarding a plane and when waiting for baggage at airports. The kiosk can be placed in schools, malls, stadiums, hospitals and office buildings. You no longer have to miss a call or cut a call short to save the battery on your phone!

The Cell Phone and Device Charging Kiosk features the ability for the user to select the device charging time.

The self-service kiosks will be deployed at New York’s JFK, LaGuardia and New Jersey’s Newark airport allowing travelers to recharge electronic devices suchas mobile phones, laptops, netbooks, MP3 players, PDA’s and tablets. Our power poles cover a small footprint, and have often been placed side by side to serve as an electronics charging station.

As an additional feature, we designed our power poles with an advertisement topper, thereby creating revenue opportunities. The topper not only attracts clients to use the kiosk, but it also reinforces branding.

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Self-Service Goes Virtual at NY Airports

Airport Kiosk

Parabit Systems Virtual Assistant Kiosk

Hologram Kiosks are an optimal solution for deployment in stores, airports, museums, convention centers, casinos, hotels, amusement parks, movie theatres, office buildings, doctors offices and malls—all important communication environments that marketers need to incorporate into the marketing media mix.

These environments represent opportunities to tap into a new and innovative marketing and communications channel and foreshadows how organizations will be able to implement disruptive technology for innovative marketing in the near future.

Parabit’s Virtual Assistant Kiosk is designed to provide various self-service options for New York airport travelers such as ground transportation information, wayfinding and hotel information. Contact Parabit for more information here.

Check out a demo of the kiosk! Virtual Assistant Demo