Webinar: Best Practices for WayFinding and Passenger Experience Enhancing Solutions at Airports



AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT MAGAZINE is hosting a free webinar and panel discussion among four top experts in airport improvement next month: Ralph Tragale Assistant Director of Aviation, Port Authority NY/NJ, Mark  Stuckey VP of Special Projects and Development, Sarasota-Bradenton Int’l Airport, Rob Leiponis President, Parabit Systems, and Paul Bowers (moderator), Publisher, Airport Improvement Magazine .  The topic: Best Practices for WayFinding and Passenger Experience Enhancing Solutions at Airports.

This is the first time Airport Improvement Magazine has hosted a webinar with the Port Authority of NY/NJ.  Audiences are anticipating an inside glimpse into the branding and implementation of the Port Authority’s now-famous “Customer Care” program, which has re-vamped the branding and efficiency of Airport Terminals and transportation hubs.  Facts about the Port Authority’s airports and the success of their customer surveys will be examined.

Parabit Systems has been the go-to service provider for the Port Authority since the start of the Customer Care re-branding, offering affordable, long-lasting public deployment solutions, from Welcome Centers to Charging Stations to the famous Customer Care Avatar. The pros and cons of working with a single provider will ne examined.  From site surveys, to installation, to mitigating electrical cost, Parabit has worked with several regional and international airports to improve the passenger experience, increase efficient, and reducing risk.

  • Six out of 10 airports are placing key tech investment on improvement of passenger services
  • Technology investment impacted by pervasiveness of mobile communications
  • Through 2017, 80% of airports are set to invest in mobile and self-service solutions
    (source: Airports Council International February 2015 World Report)

With the Aviation industry investing in passenger improvement services, especially Mobile and Self-Service solutions, it is no wonder that airports such as Sarasota-Bradenton have made significant strides to enhance terminals with mobile device charging kiosks (also manufactured by Parabit).  Webinar attendees will be able to hear, first hand from the VP of  Special Projects and Development, how to look for the right solution, and what it takes to implement them, from finances to installation.

It is especially prevalent for smaller airports to stay competitive.  Mr. Stuckey of Sarasota-Bradenton knows this first hand, and will discuss his plans to create an airport that passengers prefer.

This webinar will be a “how-to” guide for implementing Passenger Enhancing Solutions at the modern airport, and will also look at the revolutionary step in integrating Flight Information Displays (FIDs) with WayFinding, just as Parabit was able to do at the Port Authority Bus Terminals.

This event is a not-to-be-missed discussion from top industry experts.  There will be time devoted to a Q&A forum as well.

Interested participants should register using the link below since space is limited and this webinar is in high demand.





Get Excited for Your Next Big Tradeshow or Event!

Get excited about your events this year with products to enhance the client experience.  Increase your revenue stream with advertising and sponsorships.  Engage and attract more visitors.

Enhancing self-service is essential in environments which value on-demand information and advanced customer service. With this in mind, Parabit has developed Animated Virtual Assistant Kiosks. This self-service solution combines innovative hologram technology and progressive design for a 3-d virtual hologram experience.

Parabit's Brand NEW Portable Avatar - debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March!

Parabit’s Brand NEW Portable Avatar – debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March!

NOW FEATURING THE PORTABLE AVATAR!  Debuting at Exhibitor Live and DSE in Vegas this March, the new Portable Avatar (any character you can dream of) gives directions, safety/health tips, product information, and more!  She displays 3-d renderings of products, speaks any language, and can go anywhere.  PLUS – she tells you how often someone stops by to listen to her message!

Other solutions to engage and attract visitors:

Power stanchions and power poles that make your brand stand out!

Power stanchions and power poles that make your brand stand out from the crowd!

Branded Power Poles Make a Big Impression!

Charging Stanchions are compact, cool, and keep you charged

Parabit Systems is a full-service engineering, design, integration, and manufacturing company that provides top-quality security products and innovative self-service solutions.
We foster a spirit of inventiveness which propels our products to a higher level of excellence.  We take pride in getting the job done right, and making the highest quality products and turn-key solutions. Trust the experts with over 20 years of experience.
Call 888-3PARABIT or contact us directly, and we will ensure your next big event is a hit with modern, engaging solutions.
Visit us at EXHIBITOR LIVE and DSE to see our brand new PORTABLE AVATAR for the FIRST TIME!

Digital Signage Applications for the Modern Consumer and the Savvy Business Owner


Digital Publishing is a key marketing component for any company with a web presence.  But what about industries that have visitors in their brick-and-mortar facility?  In order to engage the modern customer, creating an interactive, multi-media experience is paramount.

And, the Savvy Business Owner wants to track usage and ROI on advertising.  Tracking user engagement is important to measure the performance of a promotional investment.

That’s where Parabit’s Digital Signage applications come in.

Parabit’s eBrochure and eTract Digital Signage Applications are making a revolutionary impact in public space deployments!




The Benefits of eBrochure:

  • CURRENT: Update digital content as often as needed. Parabit’s support team is here for you, 24/7.
  • EASY: Fast install, no mess, no headache, and 24/7 support from experts with 20+ years of experience.
  • ENTERTAINING: Utilize engaging touch-screen digital signage for an interactive experience for your clients, customers, students, passengers.
  • GO GREEN: Save money on printed materials, and reduce waste.
  • MOBILE: Integrates with mobile devices – users can scan a QR code or receive SMS messages to save information.
  • STYLISH: Your graphics team or Parabit’s team of expert designers can create memorable, eye-catching content for your eBrochure application.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: Don’t waste space – eBrochure provides an unlimited capacity of digital brochures without taking up valuable real estate.
  • TRACK USAGE: We will count all visits to each page of your digital brochure, allowing you to know your clients better and tailor your advertising for increased ROI. You can’t do that with paper!

eBrochure engages your customer, puts promotional materials right where they can find it, and tracks how often users engage with each  item.

Parabit also combines digital brochures with an interactive, secure web-browser and telephone courtesy directory on the Aveta Kiosk, with the eTract application.

E-tract-Final-LogoThe eTract Digital Signage Application is used to get the attention of customers, passengers, and guests in your facility. They will be able to view installed commercials and slideshows, and once engaged with the program, eTract can provide specified information to the viewer on a secure web browser or via advertisements.  eTract measures the frequency of application usage as well as other statistical data related to kiosk usage, such as browser activity, dialing activity, people present activity, and advertising, all collected in easy-to-use log files.

Information/Digital Brochure kiosks help customers find important information. shop for items, and use wayfinding!

Use anywhere you want to improve the customer/visitor/passenger experience:

  • Airports and Transit Stations: Passengers can look up “Things to Do” in the area – utilize sponsored content, track usage, and increase your revenue stream.
  • Banks and Credit Unions: Display information and create a better customer experience. Link to a secure web browser and collect contact information.
  • Campuses and Libraries: Students, Staff, and Visitors can look up events, meeting times, important news, and more, just by touching the screen.
  • Hospitals: Keep visitors entertained, provide safety tips, directions, hours of operation, and more.
  • Retail Stores: Customers can browse the latest trends and deals and download right to their mobile devices. Keep customers in the store longer and create an Omni-channel experience.

Contact Parabit for more information, and be sure to visit us at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, March 11-12, 2015! We will have a live demo of eTract and eBrochure!untitled


Visitor Welcome Centers from Parabit Systems, Inc. Again Chosen for Enhanced Customer Service at JFK Terminal – 5i


Roosevelt, NY – January 6, 2015

Parabit Systems, designer and manufacturer of premium, embedded security and self-service technologies, announced that the Port Authority of NY & NJ has again chosen the Parabit team to design, manufacture, install, and to provide monitoring and content updating services for the new Welcome Center within JFK International Airport’s Terminal 5i opened December 23rd, 2014.  This new Welcome Center is in addition to 18 other Welcome Center installations completed by Parabit within JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, and Stewart Airports.

“I am excited to be working with the Port Authority at JetBlue’s new International Terminal at JFK,” states Robert Leiponis, President of Parabit Systems.  “Our previous designs have been extremely successful.  The Terminal 5i center will enhance their passengers’ experience while transitioning to their final destination.”

Parabit’s iconic Welcome Centers provide an area of safety and information, and provide visitors an easily identifiable service location to assist with navigation beyond the airport.  The Welcome Centers include Digital Signage Kiosks operating Parabit’s “eTract” software, designed to attract, engage, and inform users with digital displays and telephone directories.  These directories support integrated Courtesy Telephones, which provide access to Ground Transportation, Hotel and Car Rental Services, as well as a restricted internet browser to PANYNJ permitted websites supporting the airport’s services.

The Welcome Centers will also feature Parabit’s “eBrochure” software, which provides an unlimited capacity of Digital Brochures on local attractions within a small footprint.  The Digital Brochure Kiosks provide touch-screen access to hundreds of “Things to Do;” and with a scan of a QR code, the user can receive the information on their smart phone, or receive SMS messages with their requested details.

Other Airport solutions from Parabit Systems include AVAs/Avatars, FIDs Displays, Digital Signage, Hotel/Car Rental/Ground Transportation Phone/Kiosks, Surveillance Solutions, and Mobile Device Charging Stations.



Parabit Systems Celebrates 20 Years in Business in 2015!

Happy New Year!
Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Customers,
This is just a note to say “thank you” for all of your support over the years.  Our mission at Parabit Systems is to enhance self-service and improve security for our clients.  Parabit is growing more than ever before . . . and we have an exciting year ahead as we celebrate 20 years in business in August, 2015! 
For more information, register here for exclusive news, benefits, and webinars!

Improving the Customer Experience After the Holiday Shopping Season



Is the holiday shopping season ever, really, “over?”  Retailers and marketers know that preparing for the holidays – from Black Friday, though Christmas, to New Years Sales and summer-time specials – is a 24/7/365 job that requires months – and years – of planning in advance.

Holiday shopping, for retailers and consumers alike, is a microcosm of the retail world at large.  This season, shoppers may have noticed that there are a growing number of mobile apps for download to assist with finding products on the shelf and using coupons.  High-end retailer Neiman Marcus has a new app which allows users to take a photo of an item she likes, and look for it on the Neiman Marcus website, and alerts users to in-store events (that’s a way to get them in the door!).

“Our goal is to increase our interaction with our customers,” said Wanda Gierhart, chief marketing officer of the Neiman Marcus Group, Irving, TX. “Our customers are always interested in learning more about product as well as shopping.”

Target’s cartwheel app allows shoppers to hunt for coupons and specials which they can bring up in the store and redeem at checkout.  Cartwheel promotes social sharing for added perks: “Keep saving, sharing and interacting with Cartwheel to unlock even more offer spots.”

Armed with mobile apps on their phones and coupons, shoppers this holiday season were more engaged with brands such as Target or Neiman Marcus, which are utilizing a tool that most people already own. By 2020, 7 BILLION people will have smartphones. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen in Q1 2012, the vast majority (79%) of US smartphone and tablet owners have used their mobile devices for shopping-related activities.  Smartphones are used more often than tablets for activities on-the-go: “Locating a store” (73% vs. 42% for tablets ), “using a shopping list while shopping” (42% vs. 16% for tablets) or “redeeming a mobile coupon” (36% vs. 11% for tablet owners).

Blending content and commerce promotes interaction with consumers both in-store and out.  Mobile applications that merely serve as commerce platforms are not as interesting or engaging to the shopper.

A mobile app is just one channel out of many which can add to an immersive shopping experience which more and more consumers are coming to expect.  The goal for retailers now is to create an OmniChannel experience for shoppers.  The best way to do this is to utilize interactive, engaging digital signage and building on existing infrastructure with products to seamlessly integrate every channel.

Interactive digital signage and "virtual fittings" allowe shoppers to see how they look in a clothing item.

Interactive digital signage and “virtual fittings” allowe shoppers to see how they look in a clothing item.








Create an immersive retail experience in a mall, airport, bank, or large department store with a WayFinding Kiosk.

Parabit’s WayFindingSoftware is an interactive application, residing on a kiosk or mobile device, letting users generate, and print, directions to indoor and outdoor destinations. The WayFinding system is data-driven, rather graphically-driven. This means locations (starting points and destinations) and ‘ways’ (hallways and roadways) are stored as a numeric value. This data can be easily manipulated or added to, providing a very flexible, expandable system.

Combining a user-friendly wayfinding interface with engaging, precisely-targeted content is an informative way to provide a positive Customer experience while boosting possible sales. By incorporating an ADA/508 Compliant design, you can further assist Customers with visual or physical impairments by providing the best “accessible” routes.

Information/Digital Brochure kiosks help customers find important information. shop for items, and use wayfinding!

Information/Digital Brochure kiosks  – designed and installed by Parabit –  help customers find important information. shop for items, and use WayFinding!


“Among retailers, customer experience accounts for 47% of loyalty, while price and value contribute only slightly to capturing consumer loyalty.” – Forrester

Parabit’s Retail Solutions allow brands to:

  • Tell a story, highlight a product, showcase deals
  • Deliver action on promotional items
  • Empower sales associates and improve efficiency
  • Engage customers for an interactive experience
  • Increase Revenue and Sales
  • Create loyalty and connectivity

What is the first thing your customer experiences when they walk through the doors of your establishment? Are you ready to satisfy the needs of a modern, connected consumer?

Provide your customers with an in-store, interactive experience. Enhance your brand, and engage your customers with the latest digital signage products from Parabit. Utilize Parabit’s WayFinding technologies to help your guests navigate your location. Make your store an even more exciting place to be with a dynamic media experience!

What’s more: track customer engagement and usage and see your ROI increase with Parabit’s eTract and eBrochure software.

For more information about Parabit’s Retail Solutions, Design, Manufacturing, and Integration Services, reach out to us directly. 



Parabit’s Charging Stations Are Now on Exhibitor Magazine’s Find-It Marketplace

Power stanchions and power poles that make your brand stand out!

Parabit’s Mission is to enhance self service and improve security by continuously studying the needs of customers and trends in technology.  Parabit’s aim is to develop innovative, turn-key solutions that increase revenue streams and enhance customer service and security in the transportation, financial, health care, educational, and retail markets.

Parabit’s modern, innovative charging stations can be used anywhere customers are looking for a charge.  Bars, restaurants, airports, banks, hospitals, doctors offices, bus stops, tradeshows……the list is endless.

You can now find a gallery of Parabit’s mobile-device charging stations at Exhibitor Magazine’s “Find-It Marketplace”  – right here:  http://www.exhibitoronline.com/findit/listing.asp?ID=1611

Parabit is known for 20 years of great customer support.  It’s easy to install Parabit charging stations – no headache, no mess.  Estimate just 30 minutes to install each one, including unwrapping, electrical connections, and securing your new charging station!

Parabit’s custom design services include mechanical design from concept to execution.  If you can think it, we can build it.  Our in-house graphic designers can create beautiful toppers and vinyl wraps, and our software team will track your ROI with reports on usage.  We can also install different digital brochure software, or our interactive eTract software which features secure web browser.



You can also find our charging stations and other tradeshow products at our booth (#569)  at Exhibitor LIVE!  – March, 2015, Las Vegas!


What 17 of the Top 20 US Banks Already Know

Parabit offers a suite of products to help the customer feel more secure within the ATM environment.  Solutions have evolved from the original “ACS-1″ ATM card entry access control system – a simple card reader to grant access to ATM lobbies, which became an industry standard. Within a few years’ time, the ACS-1 evolved into the “ACS-2,” a card entry access control solution that only allowed ATM, credit, and debit cards into the lobby, as well as providing remote facilities management features. When skimming attacks became rampant on ATMs, Parabit designed skimming detection within the Card Reader.

This is Parabit’s patented SkimGard™ technology, specifically designed for magnetic card readers installed within an outdoor environment. Parabit’s latest ACS-1E solution will soon support a Multi-Media Card Reader (MMR) Contactless EMV/NFC/Magnetic Stripe Reader w/ SkimGard™ technology, which will be an easy upgrade to the ACS-1E card entry access control systems.  In the US, state and federal agencies promote SkimGard™ to banks upon any investigation of a skimming attack on an ATM card entry access control system.

And that is what 17 of the TOP 20 US banks use to deter skimming attacks.

Parabit’s ATM card access system has evolved from a simple card access control product to a sophisticated access control/facilities management/skimming detection tool with the collaboration of clients that are the biggest banks in the USA.


Bank professionals who are attending the BAI Retail Delivery conference in Chicago this week can demo the beta version of Parabi’ts MMR Card reader, and learn more about Parabit’s patented SkimGard™ technology. Parabit can be found at booth 4816.


Parabit has the solutions to keep up with your Branch Transformation needs.

Information/Digital Brochure kiosks help customers find important information. shop for items, and use wayfinding!

Parabit Systems has been improving bank security and service since 1995, and we could not be more excited about the future.  We are headed to Chicago next week for the annual BAI Conference on Retail Delivery in Banking.  Our booth will feature both Security and Self-Service technologies that are sure to improve bank and ATM security, and also enhance the customer experience and client services.

Stop by booth number 4816 to demo the Beta Version of our ACS-1E Multi-Media ATM Vestibule Card Access System, which takes into account EMV Migration, and incorporates our patented SkimGard™ technology:

Parabit is EMV Prepared - our contactless EMV card reader will be ready for 2015 installations.

Parabit is EMV Prepared – our contactless EMV card reader will be ready for 2015 installations.

Multi-Media Card Reader by Parabit.

Multi-Media Card Reader by Parabit.

Demo our ACS-1E Kit.

Demo our ACS-1E Kit.







Parabit is a team of bank technology experts.  We have been designing and manufacturing products to enhance security and self-service for nearly twenty years, constantly studying industry trends and security threats.  We design our products with the end user in mind, making our products easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

One of our new self-service kiosks, the single-sided Aveta, will also be available for demonstration at the BAI Conference. You can watch a preview of this many-faceted kiosk below.  This kiosk has tons of features, and takes up a small footprint:

The world of retail banking is changing
Parabit has the products to keep up.

Retail banking customers are the same consumers who are used to a fast-paced world where getting instant access to information is commonplace.  Parabit’s interactive digital signage kiosks, mobile device charging stations, and courtesy phones and directories are the perfect solution for a retail bank who wants to impress their customers, and also increase their ROI through digital signage advertising.

For more information, please reach out to


Parabit’s 3rd Quarter 2014 Newsletter

Third Quarter 2014 Newsletter – Roosevelt, NY


Parabit Systems, Inc., has been in business since 1995 – and we could not be more excited about the future. Our goal is to continually find ways to improve security and enhance self-service with creative, engaging products and designs. Parabit started out in ATM security. Since 1995, we have expanded to large financial institutions, banking, healthcare, education, transportation, and travel.

Click Below to Download the PDF of our Newsletter!