Parabit’s Charging Stations Are Now on Exhibitor Magazine’s Find-It Marketplace

Parabit’s Mission is to enhance self service and improve security by continuously studying the needs of customers and trends in technology.  Parabit’s aim is to develop innovative, turn-key solutions that increase revenue streams and enhance customer service and security in the transportation, financial, health care, educational, and retail markets.

Parabit’s modern, innovative charging stations can be used anywhere customers are looking for a charge.  Bars, restaurants, airports, banks, hospitals, doctors offices, bus stops, tradeshows……the list is endless.

You can now find a gallery of Parabit’s mobile-device charging stations at Exhibitor Magazine’s “Find-It Marketplace”  – right here:

Parabit is known for 20 years of great customer support.  It’s easy to install Parabit charging stations – no headache, no mess.  Estimate just 30 minutes to install each one, including unwrapping, electrical connections, and securing your new charging station!

Parabit’s custom design services include mechanical design from concept to execution.  If you can think it, we can build it.  Our in-house graphic designers can create beautiful toppers and vinyl wraps, and our software team will track your ROI with reports on usage.  We can also install different digital brochure software, or our interactive eTract software which features secure web browser.




What 17 of the Top 20 US Banks Already Know




Parabit offers a suite of products to help the customer feel more secure within the ATM environment.  Solutions have evolved from the original “ACS-1″ ATM card entry access control system – a simple card reader to grant access to ATM lobbies, which became an industry standard. Within a few years’ time, the ACS-1 evolved into the “ACS-2,” a card entry access control solution that only allowed ATM, credit, and debit cards into the lobby, as well as providing remote facilities management features. When skimming attacks became rampant on ATMs, Parabit designed skimming detection within the Card Reader.

This is Parabit’s patented SkimGard™ technology, specifically designed for magnetic card readers installed within an outdoor environment. Parabit’s latest ACS-1E solution will soon support a Multi-Media Card Reader (MMR) Contactless EMV/NFC/Magnetic Stripe Reader w/ SkimGard™ technology, which will be an easy upgrade to the ACS-1E card entry access control systems.  In the US, state and federal agencies promote SkimGard™ to banks upon any investigation of a skimming attack on an ATM card entry access control system.

And that is what 17 of the TOP 20 US banks use to deter skimming attacks.

Parabit’s ATM card access system has evolved from a simple card access control product to a sophisticated access control/facilities management/skimming detection tool with the collaboration of clients that are the biggest banks in the USA.

Bank professionals who are attending the BAI Retail Delivery conference in Chicago this week can demo the beta version of Parabi’ts MMR Card reader, and learn more about Parabit’s patented SkimGard™ technology. 

Parabit can be found at booth 4816.


Parabit has the solutions to keep up with your Branch Transformation needs.

Parabit Systems has been improving bank security and service since 1995, and we could not be more excited about the future.  We are headed to Chicago next week for the annual BAI Conference on Retail Delivery in Banking.  Our booth will feature both Security and Self-Service technologies that are sure to improve bank and ATM security, and also enhance the customer experience and client services.

Stop by booth number 4816 to demo the Beta Version of our ACS-1E Multi-Media ATM Vestibule Card Access System, which takes into account EMV Migration, and incorporates our patented SkimGard™ technology:

Parabit is EMV Prepared - our contactless EMV card reader will be ready for 2015 installations.

Parabit is EMV Prepared – our contactless EMV card reader will be ready for 2015 installations.

Multi-Media Card Reader by Parabit.

Multi-Media Card Reader by Parabit.

Demo our ACS-1E Kit.

Demo our ACS-1E Kit.







Parabit is a team of bank technology experts.  We have been designing and manufacturing products to enhance security and self-service for nearly twenty years, constantly studying industry trends and security threats.  We design our products with the end user in mind, making our products easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

One of our new self-service kiosks, the single-sided Aveta, will also be available for demonstration at the BAI Conference. You can watch a preview of this many-faceted kiosk below.  This kiosk has tons of features, and takes up a small footprint:

The world of retail banking is changing
Parabit has the products to keep up.

Retail banking customers are the same consumers who are used to a fast-paced world where getting instant access to information is commonplace.  Parabit’s interactive digital signage kiosks, mobile device charging stations, and courtesy phones and directories are the perfect solution for a retail bank who wants to impress their customers, and also increase their ROI through digital signage advertising.

For more information, please reach out to sales at Parabit dot com.

Parabit manufactures a variety of vandal-resistant courtesy phones.

Parabit manufactures a variety of vandal-resistant courtesy phones.

Customers can easily call based on tailored bank directory.

Customers can easily call based on tailored bank directory.

Parabit makes custom mobile-device charging stations - a popular addition to bank waiting areas and lounges.

Parabit makes custom mobile-device charging stations – a popular addition to bank waiting areas and lounges.

Information/Digital Brochure kiosks help customers find important information, while saving banks on printed materials.

Information/Digital Brochure kiosks help customers find important information, while saving banks on printed materials.


Parabit’s 3rd Quarter 2014 Newsletter

Third Quarter 2014 Newsletter – Roosevelt, NY


Parabit Systems, Inc., has been in business since 1995 – and we could not be more excited about the future. Our goal is to continually find ways to improve security and enhance self-service with creative, engaging products and designs. Parabit started out in ATM security. Since 1995, we have expanded to large financial institutions, banking, healthcare, education, transportation, and travel.

Click Below to Download the PDF of our Newsletter!


Parabit Systems is Looking Forward to Making our ABA Conference Debut This Year in Dallas

The ABA 2014 Annual Convention is Coming Soon!

Our eTract Interactive Digital Signage/Kiosk Software  engages, interacts and provides restricted access to your Advertising, Electronic Brochures, Telephone Banking, Account Rates and much more!  Comes with The New Aveta!

We also offer many Mobile Device Charging Stations that offer a unique advertising opportunity while providing your customers a quick charge within your branches.

See the **Beta Version** of Parabit’s Multi Media Reader (MMR) Contactless EMV/NFC and Magnetic Stripe Card Reader with SkimGardTM, our Patented Skimmer Detection System for ATM Lobby Card Access Control.

For More Information, Visit our ABA web page.

Follow us LIVE on TWITTER @ParabitSystems during the show! 


Find Us At Booth 618.



Three Characteristics of Successful Modern Airports

Airports are the last places we see before leaving home, the first places of arrival to someplace new. They are mini cities that never sleep.  The airport experience has changed drastically over the past decade to reflect the needs of a modern traveler and the evolution of technology, as well as safety factors after terrorist attacks and threats. No longer is the airport only an access point for transportation – it is also a cultural, retail, and business meeting place for the whole world.

Old infrastructures are changing, and new airports are popping up at a dramatic rate: over 350 new airports are planned across Asia-Pacific area as tourism booms more than ever before. China alone plans to build over 100 in the next 10 years as a growing middle class emerges there (ref: South China Morning Post, 9/28/2014).


Air travel, though different than pre-2001, is still on rise. Gone are the days of calling a travel agent, here is the time of technology-based travel.  Tourists rely on internet companies like or to book flights and hotels, and business people can shop for the best prices online too.  Smart-phones make available in the palm of our hands every schedule, map, destination, flight alert or delay, text, email, and tweet.

What are the common characteristics that must be reflected in the Modern Airport itself in order to smoothly operate in this booming era of technology influenced travel?

1) Airports must have architecture that is not only beautiful, but intuitively functional.

Airports are increasingly reliant on non-aeronautical revenue streams to ensure profitability such as restaurants, retail shops, digital advertising, and concessions. The industry needs to rely on these alternate revenue sources, taking into consideration rising fuel prices, and uncertain economy, and constrained airport budgets.  Airports are establishing themselves as diversified commercial enterprises.  And now, there are affordable ways to improve airport design and passenger experiences that get a big ROI.

If an airport passenger is enjoying their surroundings, feeling comfortable and relaxed, statistics prove that they will spend more. Garish signage (in multiple languages that some travelers still will not understand) are an eyesore that airports cannot afford.  Interactive multi-language kiosks are the answer.  Digital Signage should be also utilized by retailers and restaurants instead – to attract customers and increase revenue streams.  Modern terminals are built around a central “hub” where passengers can occupy their time, and spend money.

confused yet?

confused yet?

Welcome centers by Parabit -attractive, clear messages.

Welcome centers by Parabit -attractive, clear messages.

Intuitive way-finding can lead the passenger not just to gates and boarding areas, but also these hubs. This is achieved with lighting, tiling, and Welcome Centers.  It makes for a pleasant atmosphere, which leads to decreases in stress and a better passenger experience.  If people are comfortable (i.e. less stress, easy orientation), they will spend more, might also will reflect their experiences on the world of social media, which equals free endorsements and positive PR – or, negative reviews that cannot be unwritten!


2) Airports need to evolve their offerings as technology evolves

Technology and innovation offer immediate potential to address passenger frustration and processing speed.   Technology like mobile device charging stations, self-service kiosks, Animated Virtual Assistants, and interactive digital signage are the mark of an airport that understands its customers need for instant information and the connection to family and home that modern technological communication affords, while streamlining the passenger check-in process as well.  Self-service technologies enhance the passenger process experience and allow human resources to be allocated for more important tasks.

Parabit's AVA's, Vicky and Victor!

Parabit’s AVA’s, Vicky and Victor!

Waiting and relaxing in an airport has to be fun and engaging, as well. While waiting, most people let their eyes wander a room, looking for something stimulating, interesting and engaging,  If a passenger feels this, they feel valued and will come back.

3) Airports Must Be Branded

Airports compete just like any other business model. The most successful businesses evolve over time, especially with the exponential changes in technology taking place.  Even regional airports that are smaller in scope need to keep up with the big hubs – their passengers expect it.  Airline service and passenger loyalty depend on it.  What better way to get noticed in this information-driven world than with visual displays?  Displays and digital signage have become an indispensable part of life.  Thanks to the IPhone and Tablets, there is now an increasing demand for touch-screens.

This technology is not just engaging for the user, but allows for monitoring and tracking of use. Parabit offers software-as-service that can help airports allocate resources and get a clear vision of what technologies and advertisements are performing, and which are not.

Benefits of Self-Service and Branding Technology at Airports:

1) Centralized Security

2) Reduced Wait Time

3) Integrative and Engaging

4) ROI with Advertising

5) Increased Revenue Streams

For more information on Parabit’s Airport Solutions, reach us directly here.


Worldwide Support for ATMIA Enhances Security and Reliability

Roosevelt, NY, September 18, 2014 Parabit Systems, a leader in ATM Vestibule Card Access Security, Skimming Detection Technology, Card Access Systems for Outdoor Environments, and Security/Self-Service Products, is pleased to announce global sponsorship of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA). Parabit Systems has been a supporter of ATMIA for the past two years, and is well positioned to take a position of leadership with the association as a global sponsor.  

Rob Leiponis, President of Parabit, recognized industry pains and developed ATM Lobby Access Control Systems to combat ATM fraud, along with supplemental products such as Specialty Cameras, including a new ATM Facia Camera, Emergency Telephones, and various other security accessories for the ATM. You can see many of these products at booth #18 at the ATMIA Security Conference in London, October 14th – 15th, 2014.

Rob’s experience and vision continues as the Parabit team constantly evolves new products, staying ahead of the needs of customers.  Parabit Systems recently received two major orders totaling 1,500 units of its SkimGard (ATM Lobby Card Access Skimmer Detection System) with its new ACS-1E access control system, to be delivered by the end of 2014.  With these orders, Parabit’s SkimGard and ACS-1E ATM Lobby Card Access Control System will be securing and providing Skimmer Detection at over 5,000 ATM Lobbies within the U.S by year end.

Parabit’s skimming solution is the missing piece in the ongoing fight against skimming in The Outdoor Environment. Parabit is poised to expand its international client base and address security needs in the ATM and Banking Industries, as well as any business that requires enhanced outdoor card access security. 

Mike Lee, ATMIA’s chief executive officer commented “It is wonderful news for both ATMIA and the wider ATM industry that Parabit Systems have decided to become a new global sponsor of the association. Our mission is to promote as well as protect the assets of the ATM industry as best we can and Parabit are setting a great example in reinforcing the Trusted ATM environment our industry has built up over the last four decades. We thank Parabit for their valuable support and work.”

About Parabit Systems, Inc.

From its inception in 1995, Parabit has focused on self-service and security products with origins in the ATM servicing industry.  Parabit Systems continues to manufacture innovative products for self-service, security, and access control.  Quality control and product reliability are paramount at Parabit; therefore, all Parabit products are designed and fabricated on-premise at Parabit’s Long Island, New York headquarters. 

The ATM Industry Association is a global non-profit trade association with over 4,000 members in 60 countries. Its mission is to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide; protect the ATM industry’s assets, interests, good name and public trust; and provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations. Please visit




SkimGard™ ATM Lobby Anti-Skimming System

Protecting ATM Lobby Access control is a critical element of ATM Security, particularly since ATM Skimming is on the rise. ATM Marketplace states “the U.S. accounts for 47 percent of global credit and debit card fraud with losses in 2010 totaling $3.56 billion”. Additionally, as criminals establish sophisticated fraud tactics, providing a safe environment for clients to use the ATM and ensuring a safe transaction environment is becoming even more challenging.
According to the FBI, some recent examples of Skimming arrests include:

  • In Miami, four were charged with fraud and identity theft after they made and placed skimming devices on ATMs throughout four Florida counties … all four men eventually pled guilty.
  • In Atlanta, two were charged and pled guilty to being part of a criminal crew that stole account information from nearly 400 bank customers through the use of skimming equipment they installed on ATMs in the Atlanta metro area.
  • In Chicago, one was arrested—and eventually pled guilty—for attempting to purchase an ATM skimming device, hoping to steal information from ATM users and loot their bank accounts.
  • In New York, one was sentenced to 21 months in prison for his role in a scheme that used sophisticated skimming devices on ATMs to steal over $1.8 million from at least 1,400 customer accounts at New York City area banks.
Parabit’s roots are grounded in the Enhancement and Security of ATMs. In response to the escalating issue of card skimming, and the migration of Skimming to the ATM Lobby Access Control System, we have expanded our solution set to mitigate Skimming with the development of our ATM Lobby Access Control anti-skimming solution, SkimGard™. Our patented SkimGard™ anti-skimming solution focuses on 3 levels of Skimming protection at the ATM Lobby Card Access Control System.Level 1 / Skimmer Overlay Detection
This basic level protects the ATM card reader from the placement of skimmer attachments/overlays.

Level 2 / Tamper Detection This level protects the reader from vandal attempts to remove the reader.

Level 3 / Cable-Cut Detection This level detects cable cut attempts by criminals who may wish to cut cables for the installation of a data skimmer or modified card reader with a built-in Skimmer.

Parabit’s patented multi-level ATM Lobby security system prevents:

  • Financial loss to banks/credit unions and their clients
  • Incurring soft costs of researching, investigating and reporting of Skimming related financial losses
  • Risk of damaged reputation and relationship losses with clients
  • Inconvenience and cost of canceling and re-issuing ATM/Debit/Credit cards

Featured Solutions: NFC/EMV

ATM/Debit/Credit Card fraud costs the US card payment industry an estimated USD 8.6 billion per year. With the shift in ATM fraud liability to financial institutions, EMV readiness by 2015 is the key focus of financial institutions.

The required migration to EMV in the US is a slow process because of the costly investment required to convert to EMV in addition to the availability of the technology required to support EMV on the ATM’s. W this in mind, Parabit has developed the ACS-1E ATM Lobby Card Access Control System with an optional Contactless EMV/NFC Reader. The ACS-1E supports both magnetic stripe and EMV/NFC technology; permitting financial institutions to stagger costs associated with the imposed EMV migration.

In addition, the ACS-1E also provides ATM Skimming protection for magnetic stripe card users, thus mitigating costs associated with card skimming.

Due to the continuing rise of ATM Skimming attacks we do not to publish any detailed information on our website or blog. If you are interested in learning more about this product, please contact us at sales at Parabit dot com.

Parabit Sytems Prepares for ASIS 2014!

ASIS is coming soon.  Parabit knows that security needs are changing, and we are developing the products to keep up.

1) Visitor Management Kiosks

Parabit’s  Kiosks are integrated with various software for processing visitors, including ID scanning, record creation, badge printing, proxy card dispensing, watch list screening, check-in and check-out, and email/SMS notification, as well as other features.

2)  Surveillance Technology

Parabit has been an industry leader in ATM and Bank security since 1995.  Our Doorway Camera, Video Surveillance Products, Light Monitor, and Drive-up Transaction Cameras add the extra security you need.

3) The *NEW* ACS-1E Card Reader

Are you fighting the surging trend of ATM Vestibule Skimming?  Parabit’s ACS-1E card reader system shuts down criminal skimming operations and alerts you every time there is a security breach.  And – we are ready for EMV migration next fall . . . are you?

more info


The Era of BYOD Has Arrived: How Are You Staying Connected?

Edward Snowden has the world looking into the NSA. Target and Neiman Marcus (and now Home Depot and CelebGate) security breaches have consumers worrying about their privacy and stores worrying about credibility.

BYOD has been the hottest topic of 2014 as more and more employees use personal devices for work applications.

As Big Data grows exponentially, businesses are depending more and more on cloud infrastructure.  For Bank Security, this is especially important.  Gartner predicts “by 2016, poor return on equity will drive 60 percent of banks worldwide to process the majority of their transactions on the cloud”.   Experian believes “at least two-thirds of companies will buy cyber-breach insurance by the end of 2014,” and this protection should also be a priority for small businesses. 

BYOD Security is going to be even bigger in 2015 than it was this year. If your business doesn’t have a BYOD policy in place, you’re already behind.  BYOD security is the difference between a secure network and an invitation to hackers and spammers.  We all need our mobile devices for work and personal use.  So make sure to start planning a BYOD policy that works for you.  Improve productivity, build closer customer relationships and deliver business value faster by working with mobile devices.  Just make sure you are secure.

Finally: increase productivity and enhance professionalism with Mobile Device Charging Stations.   Are customers still desperately looking for outlets?  Are employees hiding their phones under their desks to charge?  Instead of ignoring the mobile culture in the workforce, embracing it will lead to better regulations and fewer security risks.

Parabit’s reliable, cost effective Mobile Device Charging Stations are the best solution for businesses and consumers alike.

Parabit’s custom MOBILE DEVICE CHARGING STATIONS can be found ACROSS THE USA at LaGuardia, JFK, Atlantic City International, Stewart International, Newark, Omaha, West Palm, BWI and now Sarasota AIRPORTS!

Parabit designs and manufactures an array of Mobile Device Charging Stations. Featured here are the power pole and the power stanchion varieties.  All can be branded by business.

Parabit's power stanchions come in a variety of customizable designs.

Parabit’s power stanchions come in a variety of customizable designs.

Parabit fosters a spirit of innovation which propels our products to a higher level of excellence. We continuously exceed the expectations of our clients, producing sustainable products and turn-key solutions.

Our innovative spirit allows Parabit to execute even the most challenging of client requests; time and again our clients are amazed at the attention to detail and unique solutions Parabit provides to suit their individual needs.

35 Debevoise Avenue,

Roosevelt, NY 11575